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GESTAR II researchers received Code 613 Awards

On February 4, 2022, the annual Climate and Radiation Laboratory (Code 613) winter party was held virtually. During the event, several GESTAR II members were recognized with awards. Congratulations on your achievements!

Nayeong Cho (UMBC), Best First-Authored Paper: “For a paper introducing the latest MODIS Cloud Regimes which she derived with great statistical and scientific rigor.”

Sergey Korkin (UMBC), Best First-Authored Paper: “For a review paper of great clarity and utility describing the principles of building a radiative transfer code for Earth Science applications.”

Tianle Yuan (UMBC), Scientific Leadership: “For conceiving and applying innovative detection and analysis techniques that enhance greatly our understanding of the world’s ship tracks.”

Jie Gong (UMBC), Scientific Leadership: “For great advancements in the interpretation of frozen hydrometeor retrievals from a variety of satellite platforms.”

Sujung Go (UMBC), Outstanding Scientific Support: “For remarkable scientific support of implementing the MAIAC algorithm on EPIC observations, including innovative identification of iron oxide species content in atmospheric mineral dust.”

(orig. posted 2/04/22)


Posted: March 21, 2022, 4:26 PM