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UMBC and MSU Students visit NASA HQ for Earth Day Event

On Friday, April 19, 2024, students from UMBC and MSU visited NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC, for NASA’s 2024 Earth Day Event. Dominique Footes (GESTAR II/SURA) coordinated with Trena Ferrell (NASA GSFC/610) as well as GESTAR II’s Charles Ichoku, Belay Demoz, Dan Laughlin, and Zhibo Zhang. She worked with doctoral student Roy Prouty (CSST/UMBC) and Dr. Ferrell to assemble a group of undergraduate and graduate students from UMBC as well as a GESTAR II MSU Undergraduate Fellow to attend the event. 

At NASA HQ, attendees were divided into groups; one group was led by Caterina Mogno (614/UMBC). Additionally, Inia Soto Ramos (616/MSU) staffed one of the information tables. NASA Earth Day activity topics focused on ICESat-2, PACE, JPSS, Heliophysics, Disasters, among others, and the event provided immersive and augmented reality experiences. 

Opening Remarks, NASA HQ Earth Day Event

Students in front of the NASA sign (Roy Prouty, fourth from left)

Dr. Soto Ramos volunteering at one of the information tables.

Aisha Henderson (NASA/KBR) and Micah Wallace (GESTAR II/MSU)

(All photos provided by D. Footes)

Posted: April 24, 2024, 5:21 PM