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GESTAR II Scientists participate in UMBC's Community Day

During UMBC’s Earth Month celebration, on Monday, April 22, GESTAR II participated in Community Day. Staffing two tables were Susanne Craig (616/UMBC) and Jae Lee (613/UMBC) from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, along with Amy Houghton (ESRA/UMBC) and Dominique Footes (GESTAR II/SURA). 

Dr. Craig of the Ocean Ecology Laboratory spoke with visitors and students about the PACE satellite and what information the satellite’s instruments provide for researchers. Topics varied from when the satellite flies over UMBC to the depth of measurements in the ocean, as well as others. She also discussed the various goals of the PACE satellite. Dr. Lee of the Climate and Radiation Laboratory presented a large display of various items related to the TSIS-2 (Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor-2) mission and discussed her research of Sun-Climate interaction. She also talked about remote sensing and solar measurements with students who visited her table. 

Ms. Houghton and Ms. Footes talked with students about the GESTAR II consortium, the variety of earth science research the center encompasses, and the opportunities for students to get involved with the center, whether by perusing the fellowship opportunities, reaching out to the scientists via the GESTAR II staff directory, or following the Goddard Earth Sciences Technology and Research (GESTAR) II group on myUMBC. A popular comment heard throughout the day was “I thought NASA just studied space.” GESTAR II thanks everyone for stopping by.

Dr. Craig speaking with students.

Dr. Craig speaking with Kamal Aryal, GESTAR II Graduate Research Assistant, and member of the UMBC Earth Month Organizing Committee. At left, students are talking with Dom Footes (not shown).

Dr. Lee discussing the many TSIS-2 items on display with a student.

Dr. Lee with Dr. Charles Ichoku, GESTAR II Director.

By coincidence, Chhaya Kulkarni, a GESTAR II Graduate Fellow, was at the table next to GESTAR II.

Posted: April 26, 2024, 3:50 PM