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Keller & Knowland work with Air Quality project (EO IOTD)

In the Earth Observatory Item of the Day (EO IOTD) for November 30, 2023, "Filling an Air Pollution Data Gap," the work of Christoph Keller (610.1/MSU) and Emma Knowland (610.1/MSU) on developing and expanding the use of the GEOS-CF model is featured. "Goddard Earth Observing System Composition Forecast (GEOS-CF) incorporates timely weather observations and insights from years of satellite observations, plus a range of historical emissions inventories. It generates five-day forecasts for the whole atmosphere every day." In 2020, GEOS-CF was adapted as part of a pilot project called CityAQ, which resulted in greater air quality forecasts for certain cities. A new effort called CanAIRy, which began in 2021, also will utilize data from GEOS-CF and will expand upon the air quality information acquired from CityAQ. 

Posted: November 30, 2023, 1:21 PM