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GESTAR II Researchers participate in Annual SED Poster Party

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the Annual Sciences and Exploration Directorate (SED) New Year's Poster Party was held onsite in the Building 28 atrium. Scientists from across the division plus Engineering shared their posters from previous and upcoming conferences (e.g., AGU and AMS) and discussed their research with attendees. Prizes were awarded in the following categories: Best Poster Title, Best Graphic Design, Best Science Story, and the Piers Sellers Interdisciplinary Award, as well as the ever-popular Science as Food competition.

The following is a list of GESTAR II scientists and lead-author poster titles from the event.

Breen, Katherine (610.1/MSU), "Artificial Intelligence Enhancement for GEOS Products," co-authors: Donifan Barahona, Heike Kalesse-Los, and Johannes Rattenbacher.

Collow, Allison (610.1/UMBC), "Challenges with Modeling and Forecasting the June 2023 Smoke Transport Event in the Northeast United States," co-authors: Peter Colarco and Rob Levy.

Foley, Sean (616/MSU), "A Prototype Multi-view Stereo Method for Determining Cloud Structure with Multi-angle Imagery," co-authors: Kirk Knobelspiesse, Andrew Sayer (616/UMBC), and Chamara Rajapakshe.

Han, Mei (612/UMBC), "Observations of Supercooled Liquid Water Layers at the top of Snow-Producing Nimbostratus Clouds During the IMPACTS Campaign," co-authors: Scott Braun and Timothy Lang.

Huemmrich, Karl F. (618/UMBC), "Examining Tundra Greening from Ground-based to Satellite Observations," co-authors: Sergio Vargas, Craig Tweedie, Petya Campbell (618/UMBC), Robert Hollister, and Elizabeth Middleton.

Kim, Dongchul (614/UMBC), "Dust Source Attribution to the Global Land and Ocean Regions," co-authors: Mian Chin, Greg Schuster, Hongbin Yu, Toshihiko Takemura, Paolo Tuccella, Paul Ginoux, Xiaohong Liu, Yang Shi, Hitoshi Matsui, Kostas Tsigaridis, and Michael Schulz.

Kim, Hyokyung (612/MSU), "Effects of the Modified AutoSNOW database on DPR Estimates of Path Attenuation," co-authors: Robert Meneghini and Liang Liao (612/MSU).

Korkin, Sergey (613/UMBC), "The Paper-and-Code Bundle Concept in Atmospheric Radiation Science," co-authors: Andrew Sayer (616/UMBC), Amir Ibrahim, and Alexei Lyapustin.

Lewis, Jasper (612/UMBC), "Evaluating uncertainties in PBL height retrievals from space-based lidars compared to MPLNET," co-authors: Erica McGrath-Spangler (610.1/MSU), James Campbell, Erica Dolinar, Simone Lolli, Jason Lucas Tackett, Rob Koopman, Stephanie Rusli, Michael Sicarda, and Ellsworth Judd Welton. 

Malings, Carl (610.1/MSU), "Data Fusion with Uncertainty Quantification for Sub-City-Scale Air Quality Assessment and Forecasting," co-authors: K. Emma Knowland (610.1/MSU), Christoph Keller (610.1/MSU), Stephen Cohn, Callum Wayman, Nathan Pavlovic, Alan Chan, Justin Coughlin, Sean Wihera, Sean Khan, and John White.

Matus, Alex (613/UMBC), "New Approach for PM2.5 Retrievals using CATS Lidar and GEOS-5 Model Data Assimilation," co-authors: Ed Nowottnick and John Yorks.

Mukherjee, Lipi (613/UMBC), "Detection of Aerosol Layer Height and Optical Depth By Twilight VIS/NIR Radiometry," co-authors: Dong Wu, Bernhard Mayer, and Arve Kylling. 

Orland, Elijah (617/UMBC), "Linking Active Fire Properties to Post Fire Impacts on Vegetation, Streamflow, and Mass Wasting Hazards," co-authors: Douglas Morton, Melanie Follette-Cook, Tempest Diana McCabe, Yang Chen, Rebecca Scholten, and Alexey Shiklomanov.

Park, Seohui (618/MSU), "Hourly PM2.5 Short-term Forecasting at U.S. Embassy Locations using Machine Learning," co-authors: Alqamah Sayeed, Junhyeon Seo (618/MSU), and Pawan Gupta.

Richards, Nigel (614/UMBC), "Validation of OMPS LP Ozone Profile Retrievals Using Solar Occultation Satellite Measurements," co-authors: Natalya Kramarova, Robert Damadeo, Stacey Frith, Patrick Sheese, and Kaley Walker.

Tokay, Ali (612/UMBC), "Radar Snowfall Estimate in Southern New England," co-authors: Brian Inglis, David Wolff, Charles Helms, Diego Cerrai, Brian Filipiak, and Adrian Loftus.

Wales, Pamela (610.1/MSU), "Developing a continuous ozone record through the SAGE and Aura missions with NASA reanalysis products," co-authors: K. Emma Knowland (610.1/MSU), Krzysztof Wargan, Brad Weir (610.1/MSU), and Steven Pawson.

Yang, Eun-Gyeong (610.1/UMBC), "Global Planetary Boundary Layer Height Analysis and Monitoring for Multiple Observing Systems in the GEOS," co-authors: Yanqiu Zhu, Nathan Arnold, Manisha Ganeshan (613/MSU), Stephen Palm, Erica McGrath-Spangler (610.1/MSU), Jasper Lewis (612/UMBC), Haydee Salmun, Andrea Molod, Joseph Santanello, and Dong Wu.


Posted: January 26, 2024, 1:20 PM