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GESTAR II leadership, staff, and scientists at AMS Meeting

The 104th American Meteorological Society (AMS) Meeting was held in Baltimore, MD, from January 29 - February 1, 2024. GESTAR II set up a booth at the meeting with a PowerPoint presentation, highlighting research from various scientists, as well as brochures, stickers, and candy! We also had on display a model of the HARP-2 polarimeter, which is on the PACE satellite and was built by UMBC's Earth and Space Institute. GESTAR II's director and associate directors from partner universities along with some of ESRA's and SURA's leadership and staff plus GESTAR II scientists were all in attendance. Additionally, several GESTAR II UMBC and MSU students presented at AMS (see separate post).

GESTAR II's booth, all set to go.

GESTAR II Leadership: Ms. Carolyn Wilson (Assoc. Dir., SURA), Dr. Belay Demoz (Assoc. Dir., UMBC), Dr. Sonia Kreidenweis (Assoc. Dir., CSU), Dr. Jose Fuentes (Assoc. Dir., PSU), Ms. Margo Young (Dir., ESRA/UMBC), Dr. Charles Ichoku (Dir., UMBC).
Not shown: Dr. Daniel Laughlin (Assoc. Dir., MSU), Dr. Vernon Morris (Assoc. Dir., ASU), Dr. Jingli Yang (Assoc. Dir., ERT), Dr. Jaynesh Patel (Assoc. Dir., NG).

Scientists and staff plus one of many visitors. (Manisha Ganeshan (613/MSU), James Hale (Asst. Dir., ESRA), AMS attendee, and Young-Kwon Lim (610.1/UMBC))

Carl Malings (610.1/MSU) and Dr. Charles Ichoku (Director, GESTAR II)

Allison Collow, Natalie Thomas, and Amin Dezfuli (all of 610.1/UMBC), chairing a session at AMS.

(Photo credits: A. Houghton, J. Hale, A. Collow.)

Posted: February 6, 2024, 11:10 AM