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UMBC News publishes HARP2 and PACE feature

The UMBC News article "UMBC scientists and engineers celebrate launch of HARP2 instrument on NASA's PACE mission" covers the journey and excitement of arriving at the PACE launch, with the HARP2 polarimeter onboard the spacecraft. HARP2 was built by UMBC's Earth and Space Institute, led by Vanderlei Martins. Several of ESI's team members contribute to the piece, as well as UMBC graduate students, alumna, and ESRA's Director Margo Young. Additionally, many GESTAR II researchers with NASA Goddard's Ocean Ecology Laboratory (Code 616) are credited for their involvement with the PACE mission.
(Photo Credit: NASA GSFC, Maniac Talk 2017)

Posted: February 16, 2024, 3:26 PM